Northeast Family Farm
Northeast Family Farm is all about creating relationships between farmers and retailers. For many local communities this may be the only way to preserve the rural landscape, enhance economic development, and enable current and future generations to stay on the farm, caring for their land and livestock. All of their beef is purchased from small to medium sized family farms throughout the Northeast and delivered fresh directly to the consumer. They also maintain extremely high quality standards for their meat, which is why the meat is so darn good! Everything that passes through Northeast Family Farm must be raised on pasture, fed a 100% vegetarian diet of grains, silage, and grasses, raised without added hormones, and raised without sub-therapeutic antibiotics. Palmer’s Market now carries Northeast Family Farms beef on a daily basis, but we are happy to special order select cuts for any occasion!

North Star Sheep Farm
North Star Sheep Farm is a family owned sheep farm in Maine that is dedicated to producing quality meats while practicing sustainable farming. Their sheep graze naturally throughout their lives and are only supplemented by wholesome grains. They are fed a vegetarian diet, free of animal by-products, hormones, and antibiotics on their natural growth schedule. Each sheep is free to graze in the comfort of their flock in wide open spaces that is their natural environment. The result? The finest lamb you’ll ever have!