Nueske’s Ham and Bacon

Four generations of Nueske’s have been producing premium quality Applewood-smoked hams, bacon, sausage and poultry. The Wisconsin-based company uses all natural ingredients, blended by hand with cures and spices in an artisinal process that’s been handed down from father to son. Then, they slow-smoke these specialities with a unique 24-hour process over real Wisconsin Applewood logs, finishing them to perfection.

Look for their Applewood Smoked Hams and Bacon in our Butcher Shoppe this Easter!

Game Birds and Meat!

Game Birds and Meat are now available for special order.
From Pheasant and Quail to Buffalo and Wild Boar, Palmer’s can bring in D’artagnan game meats for any of your special occasions.  Place your order the Wednesday before your weekend event. Our butchers are happy to offer cooking advice too!

Click Here for a full list of our Game meat offerings and ordering information.